Matthew B., Partner and Founder at Power Trial Lawyers (PTL), brings a wealth of litigation experience to every decision-making table. While most attorneys may settle personal injury cases, Matthew knows the importance of rejecting low-ball offers and has the courtroom experience necessary to take any case to trial and fight for the compensation figures his clients deserve.

Matthew is experienced in complex litigation, often with multiple litigants, steep discovery, and actively develops a comprehensive legal strategy for his clients in the most complicated of cases.

He has experienced immense success in appellate law and civil litigation cases. Matthew states that “I love extraordinary cases that challenge me. I have always felt a sense of duty to stand up for others, and there is no better place to do that than in the personal injury arena.”

Power Trial Lawyers (PTL) is a client-centered personal injury firm. Matthew’s litigation experience sets PTL apart from many personal injury firms that actively attempt to avoid litigation even when it is in the client’s best interest. Clients trust PTL, and that trust is something Matthew doesn’t take for granted.

Far too many attorneys want to avoid spending time they deem unnecessary with clients. Matthew takes a fresh approach in blocking off time on his calendar strictly for attending to current clients. Availability and making time for their clients is part of PTL’s core approach to personal injury law, and it shows in the relationships they build with their clients.

I hustle. Hard work is in my DNA. And I bring that to everything I do. So, whether preparing for a large trial or negotiating a relatively small insurance settlement, I am never outworked by the other side.”


Matthew received his undergraduate degree in Studio Art and Design at UC Irvine. He then decided on law school and graduated with his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from California Western School of Law in 2016.

Helping Others

Matthew became interested in law while studying art at The University of California, Irvine (UCI). As an undergrad, he had some of his artwork stolen. Even though he knew who took the art, he found little recourse. This gave birth to his desire to pursue law and have the capability to help others who have been left to feel helpless when faced with legal challenges.

Straight out of law school, Matthew opened his own law firm. Though he experienced success, he wanted to explore other avenues of law. His next step was working as in-house counsel for the backlot division of NBC. Though he considered the idea of entertainment law, ultimately, he felt it pulled him away from his first passion of helping others. He went back to private practice, opening Barhoma Law.

While serving his clients, he is often sought out by other firms for his trial experience, which resulted in him acting as a co-counsel on numerous cases to ensure the best courtroom outcomes for the clients. Those colleagues and co-counsels agree that Matthew brings a depth of knowledge, a solid ability to think outside the box and excellent client communication.

Previous Cases

Attorney for Back Injury Client

Case Description: Matthew represented a client that wanted an early settlement and was very anxious about receiving compensation despite a significant back injury and injuries to his lower extremities. The client was willing to take the first settlement offer of $15,000, as he was anxious and in a vulnerable life position.

Matthew spent much time calming the client, building confidence, and convincing the client to wait a little longer so that settlement negotiations could continue. When negotiations reached an offer of $70,000, the client was ready to accept. Because Matthew had invested in building a relationship with the client, and the client had learned to trust that his best interest was being looked after, he agreed to allow Matthew to continue negotiations.

Result: Within 2-3 months, the case went from an initial offer of a $15,000 case to a final settlement in the lower six figures. The new settlement offer only extended the case timeline by a couple of months, and that short wait resulted in the client receiving a much fairer settlement for his injuries.

Attorney for Flooded Homeowner Experiencing Insurance Bad Faith

Case Description: Matthew handled a civil policy limits case against insurance giant Farmers. After a home was flooded, the adjuster wanted to offer a cash settlement for $30,000. A review of the policy revealed multiple types of coverage in the policy, including coverage for the home, loss of use, and loss damages (for goods in the home that were damaged or a total loss).

Matthew also researched Farmers’ vendors and helped his clients make the decision to exercise their right to use outside vendors for the needed repairs.

When Matthew confronted Farmers Insurance about the loss of use provisions of the policy, Farmers attempted to place the homeowners in a low-end rental. Given that the policy’s language clearly stated that insurance would provide comparable lodging, and the clients lived in a million-dollar home, Matthew was able to negotiate a stay at the Hilton Waterfront Hotel for his clients.

Result: Despite policy limits, Matthew negotiated a substantial six-figure settlement that covered the total costs of repairs to the clients’ home, the right to use vendors of their choice, and a comparable place to stay while the repairs were underway.

Outside of the Office

Matthew is an avid cyclist who trains six days a week. He is deeply committed to his family life and credits his family ties as part of his reason for choosing personal injury law. “Devastating injuries can break families. Injuries that keep affect a person’s ability to work often have repercussions felt by the entire family. As a personal injury attorney, I have the opportunity to help make families whole again.”

Bar Associations

  • California State Bar - Membership No. 319339



  • California Western School of Law - J.D. - 2016
  • University of California - B.A. - 2012

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