Sandra T.

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Director of Operations

Los Angeles Office
Phone: (213) 863-5300
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Sandra T. is the Director of Operations at Power Trial Lawyers (PTL). Sandra’s focus is on the client management and business aspects of managing a growing personal injury law firm in Los Angeles.

Sandra oversees firm-wide operations, including human resources, accounting and finance, and facilities. While she is deeply involved in the day-to-day operations of the firm, Sandra’s true superpower is in her ability to connect with people during an often-turbulent time in their life.

Sandra’s role is complex, with many moving parts. However, her most important role remains that of client advocacy. Power Trial Lawyers (PTL) is dedicated to treating each client with the respect, dignity, and compassion they deserve when facing a personal injury claim. Viewing clients as people instead of cases is a deeply held value of Sandra, and she is committed to her role in caring for clients.

Helping Others

Sandra has always wanted to pursue a profession which involved helping other people. When an opportunity arose many years ago for her to work in law firm administration, she became passionate about providing a reliable point of contact for clients who needed to know that their cases were being handled competently and with diligence.

Sandra also realized that through her work as the firm manager, she could positively impact clients from underserved communities or those otherwise at risk of being taken advantage of without skilled legal representation.

“When legal services are done right, you give a person options about how to pursue their rights, recognize that they were in a vulnerable position, and provide support throughout the legal process. It is deeply satisfying.” — Sandra G. Tewfik, Director of Operations, Power Trial Lawyers

Sandra works closely with the firm’s partners to carry out the case strategy and interacts with clients each and every day.   Sandra oversees the onboarding process for new clients and facilitates case movement from one phase to the next.

Outside the Office

Sandra enjoys exploring creative pursuits and spending time with friends and family in her personal time. She also enjoys meeting new people, those who know Sandra describe her as warm, compassionate, and loyal.

Whether it is an acquaintance, neighbor, or client, she naturally puts others at ease and makes them feel valued and important.

She enjoys travel, and finding the time to travel more is a personal goal. She has plans to see much of Europe and looks forward to one day visiting Egypt. Sandra also speaks fluent Arabic and serves as an interpreter and translator for clients whose native language is Arabic.

Client Reviews

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