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When most people think about deadly car accidents, high-speed collisions come to mind. And certainly, many of the most serious accidents occur on the highway or other large roads. However, low-speed back-over accidents are responsible for a surprising number of serious injuries and deaths each year. These accidents can affect anyone; however, they most often involve young children, the elderly, and those who work around trucks, construction equipment or other large vehicles. At Power Trial Lawyers, we have more than ten years of experience aggressively pursuing maximum compensation on behalf of our clients who were injured or killed in back-over accidents. 

How Do Back-Over Accidents Occur?

A back-over accident can occur in a few different ways. In a typical situation, a driver is backing out of a parking spot or driveway and doesn’t see a pedestrian behind them. Because the vehicle is moving slowly, the pedestrian doesn’t see or hear the vehicle approaching, giving them no time to avoid being struck. Another scenario where backover accidents are common is anytime people are on foot working around large trucks or construction equipment. For example, loading dock workers, construction workers, and truck drivers all face an increased risk of being injured or killed in a back-over accident. 

Of course, whether an accident occurs on a residential street, a parking lot or a construction site, the driver is the one who should be keeping an eye out for pedestrians. 

How to Prevent Back-Over Accidents

Preventing back-over accidents is largely up to the driver. Below are a few things all drivers should do each time they get into the car:

Do Not Rely on Back-Up Cameras

These days, most cars are equipped with back-up cameras or sensors that indicate when a pedestrian is behind the vehicle. However, while this technology is helpful, drivers may over-rely on it, meaning they don’t take the time to check their blind spots before backing up. Back-up cameras are not a substitute for careful driving and should only be used to confirm what a driver has already observed first-hand. 

Listen and Pay Attention

Before backing up, drivers should ensure that their full attention is on the road. This means turning off the radio, putting down the cell phone, and rolling down the windows. This way, a driver can hear anyone telling them to stop. 

Check Around the Vehicle Before Getting In

Before a driver gets into their car, they should do a quick visual check to see if anyone else is around. If a driver sees pedestrians or young children playing nearby, they should exercise additional caution. 

Back Up with a Foot on the Brake

Rarely does a driver need to press on the gas pedal when reversing. Thus, their right foot should always remain on the brake pedal so that they can instantly stop if they discover someone behind their vehicle. 

Certainly, pedestrians and young children can also do their part to avoid backup accidents; however, there is little that can be done to avoid a collision that you don’t see coming. Thus, while pedestrians should always exercise caution while walking across driveways and through parking lots, the burden to prevent these deadly accidents rests with the drivers and not the pedestrians. 

Have You Been Injured in an Orange County Back-Over Accident?

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