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Southern California is known as one of the worst places to drive in the county. Indeed, sections of I-405 and U.S. Route 101 are frequently listed as some of the most congested roads in the country. Not only are congested highways exceptionally frustrating to navigate, but they are also incredibly dangerous. Highways accidents are among the most serious type of motor vehicle collisions because, often, vehicles are traveling at higher speeds. Similiarly, Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) equally leads to California’s most fatal accidents. At Power Trial Lawyers, we aggressively represent drivers who were injured in Los Angeles, Orange County, and Southern California highway accidents, helping them recover the compensation they need, deserve and are entitled to. 

What Are the Most Dangerous Highways in Southern California?

Southern California has an enormous and complex highway system. While any highway driving presents certain dangers, drivers in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas face especially high risks. Some of the most dangerous sections of highway in Los Angeles include:

  • I-405 north, between Exits 21 and 45;
  • U.S Route 101 near Exit 3B;
  • I-405 north, between Exits 53 (Marvista) to 38B (Gardena);
  • U.S. Route 101 South, between Exits 13B and 34; and
  • I-5 at I-10 to CA 170.

For Orange County drivers, the most dangerous roads include:

  • Ortega Highway;
  • Interstate 5;
  • The 405; and
  • Alicia Parkway.

Of course, highway accidents can occur on any highway, at any time of day, on any day of the week. For those who suffered serious injuries due to another motorist’s dangerous driving, consulting with a skilled Southern California personal injury lawyer is the first step towards recovering compensation from the at-fault driver. 

What Are the Risks of Highway Driving in Southern California?

Highway driving in Southern California can be incredibly dangerous. There are a few things that contribute to the high rate of highway accidents:


The more drivers on the road, the harder it can be to safely navigate the highway. Traffic jams often come up without notice, meaning unless drivers are paying attention, they risk running into the back of motorists who were able to stop in time. 

Aggressive Driving

Undoubtedly, Southern California highways are some of the most stressful places to drive in the county. This leads some motorists to engage in dangerous and aggressive driving behavior in hopes of making up for lost time. Of course, speeding, cutting in and out of lanes, and driving on the shoulder all significantly increase the chance of an accident on the highway.

Confusing Roadways

For the uninitiated—and even for those with experience driving in the area—the Southern California highway system is incredibly complex. This can lead to motorists making last-minute turns in an attempt to make an exit they almost missed. You may even see a motorist backing up on the shoulder after passing their exit. Not surprisingly, the complex nature of the highway system contributes to the dangers drivers face. 


What is worse than driving on a crowded highway? How about sharing a crowded highway with semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, and other large commercial and construction vehicles? Trucks not only make roads more stressful, but they also introduce a host of other risks, such as distracted driving, equipment failure and other potential causes of a truck accident. 

Recovering Financial Compensation in the Wake of California Highway Accidents

Motorists injured in a highway accident in Southern California can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the parties responsible for their injuries. In most cases, responsible parties include other drivers, truck drivers and trucking companies. However, in certain situations, the government responsible for maintaining that section of highway may also be liable. Those who were hurt in a highway accident and want to learn more about their recovery options should reach out to an experienced Southern California personal injury lawyer.

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