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Few things are as scary as driving next to another motorist who is in the middle of a fit of road rage. Unpredictable, aggressive, and vengeful are just a few words that aptly describe road rage drivers. Certainly, driving in Southern California can be frustrating; however, most drivers are capable of keeping their cool. Road rage accidents occur when drivers lose their temper and start to drive in a way that puts others around them at risk, often intentionally. At Power Trial Lawyers, our dedicated team of Los Angeles car accident attorneys has more than ten years of experience helping the victims of road rage accidents hold aggressive drivers accountable and recover the compensation they need to get their lives back on track.

What is Road Rage?

Most people have encountered an aggressive driver while navigating the roads of Southern California. Aggressive drivers speed, cut in and out of traffic, run red lights, turn without signaling, and are a danger to everyone on the road. However, road rage takes aggressive driving to another level.

Road rage is when an aggressive driver’s actions become focused on a specific motorist, usually in the form of action intended to harm the other driver. For example, road rage may include any of the following:

  • Blocking another vehicle’s path;
  • Swearing or cursing at another motorist;
  • Using a vehicle to hit—or threaten to hit—a driver, pedestrian or cyclist;
  • Throwing objects from a moving vehicle;
  • Intentionally cutting off another driver;
  • Ramming into another vehicle;
  • Brake-checking.

Road rage isn’t a question of negligence because the underlying conduct is intentional. This makes the driver’s actions more egregious than most other types of Southern California car accidents.

What Causes Road Rage?

Road rage has been around for decades; however, it was not until more recently that experts started to study why drivers engage in this unquestionably dangerous conduct. Based on multiple studies, experts have determined that most road rage incidents start on crowded roads, often when someone or something upsets the driver. For example, a driver may get triggered if they miss several red lights in a row or if another driver cuts them off. Additionally, there are certain types of people who are more likely to engage in road rage, such as:

  • Those who regularly exhibit hostile, aggressive thinking;
  • Those who take more risks on the road;
  • Those who are quick to anger;
  • Those who experience anxiety and impulsiveness.

Of course, regardless of a driver’s predispositions, there is no excuse to intentionally put another in harm’s way by engaging in road rage. Those who have been injured in a road rage accident can pursue a personal injury lawsuit against the road driver seeking to recover financial compensation to cover their accident-related costs.

Damages in Road Rage Accidents

Almost all car accidents result in damages, whether they are medical expenses, lost wages, emotional injuries or property damage. Thus, proving that you suffered damages isn’t difficult. However, proving the extent of the damages you suffered is critical to a full and fair recovery. It is important to work with an experienced attorney who can accurately assess all your damages, so you are fairly compensated for all of your expenses.

Were You Involved in a Road Rage Accident in Southern California?

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